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Fluval G3


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This is not something I would normally buy, it came with the Aquarium I bought on Craig's List. I put it on the tank to clear up the water from the new sand bed. It did the job with minimal Cartridge cleaning on a 65 gallon. The filter is super easy to pull the cartridges, you unplug, flip a lever, which shuts the water off, and exposes the Cartridge door. A quarter of a turn the Cartridge and holder pops out. I use a tiny bucket when removing the cartridge, pop a new on in and reinstall. Close the Cartridge door flip the lever down, plug the unit back in, and after a short self check the filter starts. There is a choice on chemical cartridges, fillable, phosphate removal, and nitrate removal. I used charcoal once to pull Chemiclean out. It holds so much it would have been overkill, so I stuffed Dacron in the Cartridge to prevent tumbling. The filter also has ceramic biological media. It keeps track of the Conductivity, Temperature, Filter time, and has alerts for all. The parts can be a bit expensive, they want $65 for 10ft of 12/16mm hose. The parts are well made. It has been left on the aquarium from that first day. 

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