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My RBTA/Clarkii Clown


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This image was taken with a Sony-F707, 5 megapixel, on macro setting, no flash, and with a +3 closeup lens. Hand held, but steadied against the aquarium glass.

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Wow! Was he wild caught or tank raised? I have a maroon and a BTA its been a couple days no sign of them taking to eachother yet.

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I don't know whether the Clarkii is wild or tank raised, but it was a little over an inch when I bought it.


I wouldn't worry yet. After a week or so, I would be concerned. The ball is in the Maroon clown's court at this point.


Is the clown still acting shy, staying in the corner, etc? At the point that he has adjusted to his new surroundings and starting to explore is when he will notice the anemone and make nice to it.

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No he is not shy at all, he swims all over the place. And when I come to the tank he looks for food. I got the anemone after the clown, I will just be patient. I really hope they take to eachother, but if they dont thats ok.

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Hmm. Give it time. Its in his genes, so it is very likely he will be hosted sooner or later. My anemone was already established when I added the Clarkii. Do me a favor and post here when he gets hosted, maybe give us a photo too.



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Will do, the anemone is still getting settled. I see you are in Ft Lauderdale. What LFS do you use? I have been going to JAWZ.Net

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I go to The Barrier Reef, in Boca Raton quite a bit, and Beverly's Pet Store on University Drive - I get my RO water from there. What is JAWZ.NET??

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Cool those are pretty close by I am in Coral Springs. I will have to check out Barrier Reef where are they? Jawz.net is on broward and 95. Its a pretty cool store, they actually have a 4 foot shark swiming around the center of the store.

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JAWS.NET is close by ... I'll check it out.


The Barrier Reef has the best live rock I've seen in the area, and the largest selection of corals and inverts, especially Thurs and Fridays.


The Barrier Reef The

(561) 368-1970

1921 NW Boca Raton Blvd

Boca Raton, FL 33432


I'll be watching for your hosting pair here :)

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