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Coral Vue Hydros

SaltyUnderground.com- cool corals, LOVE the berghia, but one of these is wrong.


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I ordered 4 berghia nudibranchs at 1/4", and two zoanthid frags. I got 4 berghias at 1/3", one of the zoas I ordered, and a zoa I don't recognize that is not the other one I ordered. It took them a little while to get back to me when I emailed about that, but they did give me a store credit for the cost of the one I didn't get. So, I'm a little bit displeased there, since I'll have to do another order at some point in the future to get the zoa I wanted. 


But everything is healthy, I got the nudis I ordered at the best price you'll see anywhere for berghias, and they do have higher-end corals at what look to me like pretty good prices. So I'm only a little annoyed. 


By the way, if you ordered some sort of green and purple zoa/paly from SaltyUnderground and got a Mohawk instead, I've got your whatever this is. It fluoresces bright yellow, which is interesting. Wouldn't have expected that. What IS this? It's the one below the Fire and Ices from my LFS. Light purple disc, green tentacles, kind of a vaguely light blue mouth. Bright yellow frill under blues. I cleaned the surface gunk off the water and now they're not stretched as much, so I think they're a bit on the higher-light-needs side. The Fire and Ice were fine in the exact same light, no stretching. 

Edit: Blueberry Pies? 


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An update: I've placed two more orders from them since then. One order had everything correct and healthy, one order had everything correct and healthy but came with aiptasia on two of the frags. Very silly problem to have from a company that sells aiptasia-eating creatures. I guess some got over from wherever they raise the ones they feed to their berghia. 


So, overall I'm happy with this company, but I've had a couple of issues.

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Ah, is that where they get all the aiptasia? Makes sense. They gotta be more careful with those things, though- had another order recently, and two of the frags had aiptasia. Funny thanks to irony, and easy to fix with some liquid superglue, but still. If you sell aiptasia control, I would expect you to not have aiptasia on your frags. 

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