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Maroon and damsel?


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Would a maroon clown do good with a devil damsel in a 10 gallon tank?

Or would that be too much fish even if they do good?

Thanks in advance.

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Originally posted by Mnesarchus

Too much for a 10G, avoid the Maroon.


Damn I love that fish.



Even if I had him in there for 4 months and then upgrade to a 40 would they fight or what?

Im upgrading to a 40 gallon on december.

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you can put a maroon in a 10 gallon tank and be fine I have done it, granted it's not in a 55 gallon, but I started with a 10 gallon and it was happy. I wouldn't put the 2 together, but if you want a maroon it shoudl be ok...

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Originally posted by stronghandsmcgee

You could always just take the damsel to your lfs for store credit.


Yeah but he looks so healthy and what if I buy the maroon and he dies.:|You just never know.

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