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BioCube 29 : Under Stand Water Mixing Station


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Looking to build myself a water mixing station to go under my stand and help simplify water changes. I am ok with manually turning valves and switching on pumps. 

Biggest concern is getting the right amount of water out of the tank without drilling anything. Anyone have any ideas or setups that are working for them?


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How much water are you planning to change at a time? 


IMO, it might be easier to just mix the new water, drain the old with a siphon, and use a siphon with a pump on the end (or a bucket) to get the water back up there. You're probably not changing more than you could pretty easily move with a temporary setup. 

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I'd use a hose with a pump on both ends.  (i.e. 2 pumps)   


The tank-end pump will also serve as an anchor to hold the hose in the tank while you work, in addition to keeping you from having to change any pumps or hoses during your water change operation. 


Just turn the tank-end pump ON to drain the tank into an empty bucket.  Then turn the tank-end pump OFF (break the siphon).  Then move the bucket-end pump to the bucket with fresh saltwater and turn it ON to re-fill the tank.  Done!   (Use the bucket-end pump to drain your waste-water bucket into the sink too if it helps!)

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