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Nuvo 10 ULM Cycling

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I am starting a Nuvo 10. I had gotten out of the hobby, but you can never leave for to long. At any rate. I had seen the brs videos on the topic of ultra low maintenance tanks. I know a nano can only be so low in terms of maintenance. However. They had suggested a long cycle with no water changes. To build up as much bacteria as possible. The interesting part is cycling the tank while completely covered. So that no light can get into it, and thus stop algae from growing as new tanks tend to. I cut up some cardboard, and painter taped it so that no light can get in. Today I stabilized the tank at 1.025 salinity. With a heat of 78. Dropped a bottle of bio spira in, and dosed ammonium chloride to 3 ppm. I am really looking forward to seeing how well this progresses. I have my first chamber filled with matrix bio media to help the population of bacteria build up as well. What I am really hoping to achieve with this long cycle is a good strong population of nitrate reducing bacteria. I am thinking about purchasing, and adding Seachem Stability as I feed the tank ammonia. What do you guys think? I plan to do this for about a month or so.



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