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Chris Beddows

Sex my fuzzy dwarf lionfish anyone?

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Chris Beddows

Hi fellow fish lovers x


Anyone more knowledgeable than myself able to give me an idea of what sex my FDLF simba is?


If it helps:

very good eater as will eat both live and frozen or basically anything it can chomp...

Camouflages very well as expected.

Grown in size rapidly over 4 weeks however not over fed as has starve days every other.



I count stripes that put the fish at the top expected amount for a female but also the lowest expected amount for a male so hopefully one of you lovely people can advise. 


Any help appreciated as always xxxxxx

Love to all from Manchester UK xxxx



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Pretty fish, looks like a peacock to me, so I'm gonna say male...total guess though. Are you planning to breed if you can pair it?

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Chris Beddows

It's always a thought I guess but I hear it can be very hard to breed them?

I'm more curious than anything really 

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