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3-5gal suggestions for softies and rock flower nems?

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Hey all, 


I want to set up a 3-5gal reef tank. I want to grow a few rock flower nems, some zoanthids, a couple of mushroom corals, some green star polyps (confined to back wall), and a couple of the slower-growing macroalgaes. In other words, nothing too fussy. Can anyone suggest me an AIO setup in that size range that will work? I'll add in a small powerhead, and a heater if needed, and I might try to rig a little HOB fuge, but I'm looking for something that has a decent amount of space for filter setup and, most importantly, a good light. I've been eyeing the Fluval Evo 5, but I'm looking for other suggestions, since the light on those seems to be just barely workable. 


Update: what about a setup that doesn't come with a light, and a suggestion of a light to put on it? I've seen a few tanks that are just aquarium and pump. Basically, I'm looking for a tank that has the set-apart filter compartment, and doesn't come with the added price tag of a light.


I like the lights that are visually mostly white. Never been a fan of the way it looks when the whole light is blue, and from what I'm seeing, it looks like softies don't mind a whiter light anyway. I like the ones where it's mostly white, with enough of a blue tint to keep the corals happy and give them a little pop. Basically, I want to be able to see the true colors of whatever's in there. It just looks better, IMO. Remote controls and an ability to turn things on gradually are good also, as is any sort of built-in timer, but I can work with something that needs a plug-in timer. 


Something that has a viable filter pump already would be great, but as long as the space is big enough, I could easily update that.


Also, what powerhead would be a good addition? Clearly I need something tiny. Just enough to keep the water moving and the corals happy. 


Any suggestions on a heater if I wind up needing one? 


I'm also looking for a wireless linked temperature probe. I want one of those ones that links to a phone app (I have an iphone) to tell you what your temperature has been doing at any given time, and can shut off power to the heater if it gets too hot in the tank, or at least can send me an alarm. That has to be a product someone has invented. 

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