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Solana 34g phos issues/skimmer delete

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I'm constantly having issue with my Solana having phosphates over .80. I'll run GFO with a reactor to get them down but can't keep them there. I've reduced feeding immensly but that didn't have any effect. I'm running an Aquamaxx skimmer, that I've always kind of hated, and it doesn't seem to be doing anything either. One my other nano tank, I just run filter floss and it works wonders. Anyone have any remedy besides what I plan to do, which is pulling the skimmer and inserting some kind of InTank media basket with just floss?



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Sounds like things are off-balance. 


Is the skimmer the only thing you're doing for water quality in this tank?


What are your nitrate levels like?


(Sorry this sat unanswered since September.  Weird!)

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