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Need help on the upgrade


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Well i have been struggling to find a lighting option for my nanocube i have come to this conclusion


either two 32watt retros (88 watts and a big pain)


or the 96 watt quad bulb (just would hang over the tank on both sides about 2inches)


What would i be able to keep with the 96watt quad bulb?

do you think any sps or clam (highly doubted


What i want





a leather of some sort

and more


what i have


2 types of zoos

striped mushrooms

cleanup crew



been up and running about 2 months (and yes i know not to go out and buy a bta this earlie)


please respond

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the 2 32 watt pc will be good for softys, and some some lps, a bta is way out of the question, they get just way to big


a 96 wattt powerquad im thiking it wont fit,

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if you read the post i said the quad my hang over some.


Also i have an empty 55 gal that i want to set up so if the bta gets to big it will go there or i am pretty sur i could easily sell it there quite popular

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any body else

I realy need your help i want to buy it today so would the poowerquad be ok even though it hangs over the edges some?

What if i hung it like a pendent?

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