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Best way to stop out of control zoas?

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I have some fire and ice in my little zoa garden and they are taking over. They've already smothered most of my utter chaos(3 polyps left) and are now smothering my Latin lovers. There is no way to remove the rock they are on and fragging would be a pain, if not impossible. 


Any suggestions? Thanks. 

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I honestly haven’t had a lot of luck with zoas, which sucks because I wanted a zoa dominated tank. However, I have some of those “magician” palys (I think is their name). 


They were great to learn on how to frag corals. After successfully fragging and giving them away, nobody locally wants/needs them. 


Now, I just just a pair of tweezers and twist them off the rockwork and dump them in a specimen cup and flush them. It’s a super quick and easy process that I do on a monthly basis. Takes me about 5 minutes start to finish. 


TLDR: take tweezers...rip off rock...flush ‘em. 

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