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Poly Filter Floss Pads


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I use none at all to make sure food can't get trapped. 


Even when I ran a separate sump I ran it wide-open like that.  Even had a power head in it to make sure all detritus got sent back up to the main display tanks for re-feeding to the corals.


After all...am I feeding the fish and corals or the filter??  😄


Pick your strategy (lots of ways to go about things) but make sure it works for you -- and that it isn't just making work for you😉


I clean a skimmer cup once a week or every other week (used to be daily, just no time for that or I'd still do it) and that's it.  Nothing but tank-poop to throw away, no media bags to fill (I'm messy!), no filter media to replace.


Doesn't make a skimmer "Better.", but it does make a skimmer better for me.


So in the same manner of thinking, don't assume media baskets OR layered media baskets are better just because they are better for someone else


They may or may not be better for you.


YMMV as the saying goes. Your tank and "the way you drive it" might give you different results from the rest of us.  😉


FYI, I do infrequently use a micron filter or two (e.g.) if there's an algae issue or something else that it would help with.  They generally just sit under the tank waiting patiently to be used though.  I also have a Tunze MultiFilter that came as part of their Reefpack 500....but it also sits running empty most of the time.  I have a plastic cage for it that can hold carbon, but won't catch stuff like detritus.  (It does have the parts to work as a mechanical filter if I wanted to do that though.)

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