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twinspot in a 20 gal?


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Whats up guys! watchin the pres. debate here, and my mind wondered to my favorite past time. I got into reefing when i saw my friends 18 gal. via aqua. He had a twinspot that i thought was awesome!! so i bought a tank and a twinspot, but it starved. I am building a 20 gal, with a 10 gal. fuge underneath. Will this fuge produce enough micro-fauna to feed a twinspot? If so, would it make it to the main tanks sand, or would i have to scoop it out and swap sand between the fuge and the main tank? Hope someone can help. I don't see many posts on twinspots. Thanks for any help i can get!

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Twinspots are considerably difficult to keep alive in smaller aquaria. Usually they diminish all of the food quicker than the aquarist is able to supply it. They also don't do well singly and need a mate for optimum survival. I would leave twinspots for the larger tanks (50 g plus) and at that, ones that are very mature, maybe even the ocean.



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