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65 Gallon Reef Build

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I have spent the past several days planning out my 65 gallon reef build. I initially got the equipment list together in an hour or two. But then I started thinking if I’m going to spend a lot on it regardless I might as well spend a little more and have a better chance at success. So here is my equipment list. If I’m missing anything let me know.

Tank - Custom 65 Gallon Cube
Sump - Somatic 60 + Addons
Overflow - Eshopps Eclipse M
Skimmer - Somatic 60S
Heater(s) - Two 300 Watt Finnex Deluxe Titanium Heaters(One Running and One Backup)
Light - AI Hydra 52 HD
Wavemaker(s) - Two AI Nero 5’s
Return Pump - Reef Octopus Varios-2 792 GPH
Controller - Neptune Apexel 
*Neptune Extras - Leak Detector Kit + Auto Feeder + ATO

And of course salt, refractometer, test kits, food, and so on.

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Geoff Southworth

Looks good so far! I’m excited to see your build. I’m in the process of my new build as well and it’s so much fun getting things started. You can’t go wrong with an apex.

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