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RO water

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I am going to start a FOWLR Biocube 32.  I currently have an under cabinet RO system in the kitchen I can use for water.  Is that system adequate for that style tank?  What are the negative consequences of not have the DI component?  


Thank you you for any and all feedback and info.

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Christopher Marks

It kind of depends on the quality of the water that your RO system can produce, based on your source tap water. A digital TDS meter would be a good investment in maintaining your RO system, and can tell you just how pure your RO water is. TDS = Total dissolved solids. Generally RO/DI water has a TDS of 0, but RO water may still show some TDS, just how much depends on the source water and the age of the filters. For a FOWLR system I'd say there are good odds your RO water is pure enough to avoid trouble, but only a water test on your side will help you know for sure. They're only about $25-30, there's a handheld meter or one that you can plumb in-line with your RO water output: https://aquarium.bulkreefsupply.com/search?w=tds meter 

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