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Planning to upgrade to a new tank

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Hello, been a while since I've been active on the forums, I started saltwater with a 20gallon long, and have been enjoying the hobby, and have decided that in the near future to upgrade my tank, I'm planning on going with a waterbox frag 60.3, and through the info sheet, the display is roughly 40 gallons, and the sump about 20 gallons adding up to roughly 60 gallons total water volume. 


A few questions I have:

1. For the purpose of updating/ creating a new journal entry when I start the tank, would it still be classified into the normal nano journal section or should I put it in the larger? As the total water volume is greater than the 45 gallon rule stated on the rules for the larger, or is that based off of display tank volume?


2. Does anyone have experience with the GHL Kh director, using a standalone doser 2.1, and a slave sider 2.1 to maintain the calcium, alkalinity, and by those the ph, of the tank? (All of course when water changes arent enough and dosing is required) 


3. Partially connected to 2. What are recommendations for dosing pumps, and controllers for that? 


Thank you for any of the help that you can provide 

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