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Regent Light Retrofit


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I finally got a 70w Mh and put it in a Regent Fixture, actually the bulb went right in the ceramic holder with no modifications at all to the holder???I am noticing that this thing gets hot as a pistol , you could fry an egg on it.... . I know quite a few people are using these...Has anyone had any problems with the wires inside getting cooked. The stock wires coming off the holder were a heck of alot smaller than the ones on the ceramic holder I got with the bulb I had it on for a few hours last night but was worried about leaving it alone.....

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I ran one for a few months with no ill effects.


You gotta think, the 300w hologen bulbs the fixture was designed for burns a whole helluva lot hotter than a 70w MH.

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Thanx jmt.....That's kinda what I thought too about the 300 watts the light was rated for but the big difference in the size of the bulb made me wonder. I thought maybe the Mh ran way hotter than the halogen bulb...Now I just have to figure out how long to acclimate the corals so I don't cook anymore mushrooms.

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