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First saltwater! 5g! Two months in!!!

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Well here it is! Almost two months in and doing great? (Maybe). To start off I want to tell everyone I will be moving soon and plan to start another tank. At least a 20 long but hopefully more like a 40 gallon.  I’ve had some planted tanks in the past and currently have a planted. I started saltwater after years of basic planted and I don’t regret it! (Only probably the money)



STOCK (coral and fish)

Two clown fish ( yes I know Ill explain later bare with me)

3 margarita snails

1 small blue legged hermit 

1 nassarius snail 


Two headed Duncan

Branching hammer 

Pulsing Xenia 

Kenya tree







My setup is basic and budget. 


Fluval Evo V 

Stock return pump

Fluval CP 2 circulation pump

Stock lighting!

Basic 50 water heater.

10lbs live sand and about 6-10 pounds of live rock. Forgot exactly. 


As basic as you could imagine



The tank in general seems to be doing very well. Had the diatom outbreak. Thought it was Dino and just went away. At night I can’t see critters and a bristle worm that I haven’t seen since :S. 


Corals seem healthy. Especially the Duncan. The Xenia doesn’t seem too extended or to be pulsing anymore



Well I haven’t had very many problems besides the diatoms. Two days ago I removed a flatworm that was found at the bottom of my hammer. Almost wrapped around the whole base! Have been seeing little baby’s I think? On the glass. Are they ok? They don’t seem rusty. 


Also im having a Cyano outbreak (can see in pics). I recently started working and went two weeks without a water change TWICE. Now here’s where the two clowns come in. Am I building Cyano because of lack of WC. Or just overstock? That’s probably my only question. Other then wanting to move Xenia and Kenya tree. Should I ship them? Ok to cut in the tank? image.thumb.jpg.8ce0513cc6e1fc2a2563debaaa1a57ad.jpg


Thanks all. Appreciate all the help I’ve gotten from this forum. 



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Looks  nice for a first time setup.

Wouldn't worry too much about the cyano right now, as long as you stay on top of your water changes to export extra nutrients. As your tank mature and it's bacteria grows and it will be easier to keep in check. Make sure there are no flow dead spots where it currently is growing and your RO/DI - Saltwater is testing at 0ppm for TDS.

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Fun fact, nassarius snails can be used to make a red dye Similar to the murex snails and the compound is pretty much the same as indigo (just has 2 bromines)

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I just got these. Been in the water for about 10 mins. 


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