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Polyclad Adventures - along came Pauly


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That was my hope with the bump.  Perhaps an email notification will remind said poster to come back and remember the good times we had with Chad the Polyclad.


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Sup brahs.  My name is Pauly.  I'm a polyclad.  I'm new to this site.
Let's get to my wicked back story.  I was chilling in my rock like we do.  Even with humans stuck at home during the pandemic, I was laying low.  Keeping the partying down to not disturb the neighbors.  
Of course this story takes a similar turn to those before me.  Someone realizes they have a tank that is still there when the lights go out, they grab a flashlight and I get busted.  I wasn't even causing any trouble (that they know!) and off to FaceSpace to identify me.  Next thing I know is I'm getting metal pinchers attacking me and into a cup I go for the night.  
I'm suffering a massive headache and an injury (think drinking too much in your 40s type of extended hangover).  I get transported to some foster home for undervalued animals by someone called San Fran Rice-A-Roni and all I hear is "babe don't be mad".  I'm like - I'm not shnookums but I need some hair of the dog elixir cause I am having trouble rallying up.  Plus what if I need to make sure I don't become someone's bitch?  I need a makeshift shiv or something.  I've seen the show Oz.
Turns out I am going to be staying with them for-ev-er.  Efrain Chicago Deep Dish (what kind of names do these humans have?) has a thing for polyclads. 
I hope my fate is better than this Chad.  Send your thoughts and prayers while I try to convince anyone that walks by to bring me a Hot Pocket.  Hell yeah!  
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Hey buuuuddddiiiieees,
I am finally over my hangover from hell.  Still got a war wound from the metal pinchers of extraction but I'm doing better.  
Saturday I moved to the big house from an orange LET'S DO THIS bucket.  I don't know what I was supposed to do in my state but I guess it was done cause my home is a brand new ADA 30w.  Woot!!
Took the day to not do a damn thing and see if I could get doted on again.  Sure enough, Sunday I found a clam just lying there.  After about three hours of being near it and nothing happening,  I claimed it by putting my paw on it.  
An hour later,  I was chowing down.  By the way, I have to dissolve my food so chowing down lasted another five hours before I had my fill and retreated under the rock.  I even had a roommate come see me.  
A polyclad could get used to this!
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