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what is the standart processing time of diatom process

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hello firends, i just bought my back sumped 45cmx40cmx40cm aquarium i have bubble magus qq2 P/S , current usa 45cm loop lightning, homasy upgraded 450gph motor and nicre submersible aquarium heater. I planed to make that aquarium a soft reef tank and also i might add 3-4 fish in it .Please help me on my problems which are : what test kits should i buy, what filtration technique is beter, what should be the diatom process time standard ; if i start it right now and i make it continue until september is it better or not a good idea what bacteria you recomed for the start of diatom process

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Salifert...Red sea...or Hanna test kits. I have used them all and they all work.


There is no better filtration texhnique. Everyone has different opinions and they all can work. I just start basic and add as needed. Softies don't like a lot of filtration.


I would suggest you start with carbon to remove toxins from the softies and filter floss to catch debris.


Diatoms depends on dry vs live rock. Live rock being shorter. If you go dry expect a few weeks maybe. You can speed it up by removing the diatoms manually.


They feed of silica and are made of silica so removing them is removing silica so they can't die and break down feeding more diatoms. Changing floss frequently during the cycle is a good start. Good flow seems to help too to blast them off the substrate so the filter can remove them. 


If you want to buy bacteria I like biospira for jump starting an aquarium. However this won't remove your diatoms. 


Make sure the 3-4 fish are small and appropriate. That is a very small swimming area. It would be easy for fish to feel cramped and get angry and fight if they are not appropriate.






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Use verified R/O water and get the healthiest live rock you can. The former elminates silicates and the later will quickly establish and out compete the diatoms. With my established tanks with a lot of softies even if I use crappy tap water the diatoms can't compete and can't grow. 


Again, good live rock from an established tank is light years better than bacteria in a bottle.

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