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Pastel violet growth

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Hi everyone!


When I set up my tank about 5 months ago on my live rock there was small patch.. even a dot I would say, of pale violet growth. As if you mix a bit of toothpaste with plum colour.


At first I thought it would be bleaching coraline algae as this seemed back then simple explanation.

Over the time is about 4 times of the size it was.


It has totally different texture than my other pieces of coraline algae.

The coralline one are usually smooth and silky looking. Purple or even red-ish?

This one has a texture of.. paper towel..? Hard to explain but has tiny pieces of something in it. Nearly as recycled paper.bug seems flat as coralline algae... 🤔


I still think it might be coraline algae but since when coraline algae grow over another coraline algae...? Or does it usually do it?


Can somebody suggest what it might be and how to better ID it?

Maybe there is something I could do to better inspect it?


Thank you everyone for their opinion and suggestions.



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There are tons of species of coralline algae and they can look very different in both shape, form, and color and they all compete with each other and grow over top of each other. Some are even plating or branching.


"Coralline algae" refers to an entire order.

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Thanks for assurance!

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