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Jalli temperature controller


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I have been fighting with my tanks temperature since day 1. I am on my 3rd heater and have decided that all heaters small enough for a 5.5 stink!


I really don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a temperature controller for a tank this size. Has anyone here used the Jalli temperature controllers? They are an inexpensive (not digital) controller that is sold to control the Jalli titanium heaters. They only cost about $25. If nothing else, it would provide redundancy to the thermostat built into the heater to prevent it getting stuck on.


Any thoughts or experiences?

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I went ahead and got the jalli controller (only $25). I figured, even if it wasn't all that great, I could still use it for redundancy (prevent heater getting stuck on). Well... it works great! Temp has been perfect all day and night now. So if anyone else is having trouble, this might be a good inexpensive solution for you. If you aren't having trouble, this would be good to put on your heater and set the temp slightly above that of your heater... that way if you heater gets stuck, you have a second line of defense.

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