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Dwarf Seahorse info please


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I'm looking to start a dwarf seahorse tank. Lemme know what you guys think of the following:



2 Gal Hex (Walmart aquaview or something like that)


Replace stock lighting with 10 watt Coralife 1/2 actinic, 1/2 6500K PC screw-in type bulb


Mod acrylic top to hold an Azoo palmfilter


Small 25 watt heater for 2-5 gal tanks I picked up some years ago for like $2 clearance (don't know if that'll be needed or not)


1 1/2 lbs dry black aragonite sand


~2 lbs dry tonga branch base rock (free at LFS - it pays to lurk there alot)


Would a skimmer be a good thing for this tank? I don't know how big a bioload a few horses will add, but I'm open to the option (if it's not too large in size). What would be a good skimmer for this tank?


I'm hoping that by using dead sand and dry base rock that I can avoid the nasty hydroid problem that many seem so unfond of. I've done alot of research for well over a year on the care and maintenance of dwarf seahorses, and think I can keep a herd of maybe 3 or 4 in this tank with little problems. Sound ok?


I would REALLY like some experienced views on what things I should / could expect, pros / cons of live vs fake plants, seeding the LR & LS, possible tankmates, addition of small corals, etc.


If anybody out there is willing to "take me under their wing" so to speak, that'd be great! I've had an absolute facsination with seahorses in general for years now, and it was the main motivating factor behind my getting interested in reef tanks in general, although I still haven't purchased any yet (don't want to kill the little guys).


Thanks in advance for your posts & opinions.

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Yes, I know the place, I have visited there. If I remember right, many of the seasoned vets didn't take too kindly to the thought of newbies torturing their beloved animals, and therefor treated all newbies with some disdain and disrespect immediately. I have found that not to be the case here.


Please prove me right!

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Originally posted by slaeyer

therefor treated all newbies with some disdain and disrespect immediately. I have found that not to be the case here.

hmph! somebody's obviously been slacking off around here! :D


sumbel's one of those shorgy people btw. they are your best source for horses. many of the people there have seem to be helpful. you just have to do your research first.


alot of the threads there have very good info. i often hunt around in their foods forum for info. don't be so quick to write them off. there's people here that can help you too but often they're the same people there. good luck!

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seems a little smallish for 3~4 dwarves but i'm not a rancher.


i would avoid the rock and go plants (fake or real). more of a forest look. maybe one small rock piece. maybe a castle. :P


i'm not fond of the azoo. tempermental ime. hth

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That size tank should be find for 3-4 horses. IMO, the rock and sand would be ok, unless it takes up too much room. You will have to get a bacteria starter of some kind. Believe it or not, you could also use a UGF, people have been successful with them. Skip the skimmer. It would be better to do weekly water changes. A small HOB filter would work fine if you didn't go with the UGF, not too high of a flow rate though. Fake or real plants it's up to you which you prefer.


One of the most important things that you have to do is decapsulate the brine shrimp cysts. Otherwise you will be introducing hydroids.

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