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Coral Shipment Delay.. Will they survive, what can I do?

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Supposed to arrive yesterday at noon (24 hours after ship)


They just arrived, I am at work and can not inspect initiate acclimation for a few hours, which will make total transit time ~50 hours


We are talking a mix of corals; lps, few sps.

I know they are packed fairly well. 


What is my best at attempting to save what possibly can be a lost cause? Do I temp acclimate for 30 min, dip and in like normal or do I acclimate for longer?

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I would acclimate like normal. I sent some coral to a member here in December, both his and my locations were below freezing the entire time, I used a heat pack but it took two days to arrive and including a sps and as far as I know they survived just fine. I think you will be good if you stick to your acclimating procedure.

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I would just acclimate like normal....I had a soft coral last 5 days in the post in December.


Put them low so you don't shock em with light 

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4 minutes ago, Daniel91 said:

Just to close this thread, all 9 corals made it. Even after 50+ hours in transit, they are happy and open today.

They are more resilient than we give them credit for. 😊 glad it worked out. 

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