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Tiny fishes missing

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About 2 months ago, I got a beautiful pair of highfin gobies. One went through the live rocks and desapeared that same night. The second was staying in a crevasse, somewhere I could see him. He stayed there for a week, until the moon light got dark, and desapeared. 


I waited for over a month before introducing that so cute little yellow clown goby. That sweet little fish was swimming everywhere around the tank first and second day and then desapeared during the night!!!! 


Bigger fishes are doing good, as usual. Inverts, shrimp, anemone, porcelain crab, corals, snails, are fine too (expect 2 nassarius snails that I found empty). 


Help me find out what's happening in my tank, please 😞

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Have you got a lid/net on your tank. I’ve lost 2 gobies to jumping and found them in weird places behind/under the tank?

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I have a mesh lid sitting on the top on my tank. It's not perfect ad there is a small gap under it because of power cables of my 2 circulation pump. Haven't any fish outside the aquarium... But I do have a dog. 

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Do you have a pistol shrimp for the gobies? If so, they may just be guarding a borrow you don’t have a visual on.


Have you tried to let the lights go out and then slowly approach tank with flashlight? This is how I found my Pom poms when I hadn’t seen them for weeks.


Have you checked for an ammonia spike? Highly doubtful that all three, but maybe they got stuck somewhere and unfortunately passed.


What about your sump? Checked there with flashlight?

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I don't have a pistol shrimp at the moment, Randall's pistol are hard to find... I was planning on getting one later.


Nothing in the back chambers. 


Moon lights is on all the time now, but I'll turn the light completely off and look at the tank with a red flashlight during the night... 


I think my amonia test is too old... I'll bring water to my lfs to check the values. 

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2 hours ago, NuisanceAlgaeCultivator said:

Aliens took them, it's pretty common in the fish industry.  👽



Gobys are definitely known jumpers and have a knack for finding the most narrow gap. They are also really good at hiding.


What size is your tank?

How shallow is your tank?


I thought my mandarin jumped a couple of times, but he was just hiding really well.

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