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Galaxy S9 filters for coral photography.


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So I recently bought a new s9. I'm not really into photography so I don't know how to get the most out of my camera.  Can anyone recommend light settings or filter settings on the galaxy s9? Here is some pictures of my tank with no editing 





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Just now, pgrVII said:

I just use the pro on my Note 9 and they come out pretty decent. They have various clip on lenses you can add to the camera as well.

I saw those polyp labs filters. I am going to pick some up soon.

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I downloaded snapseed from google play (free). I know nothing about editing photos, but a quick youtube video on using the app and it was pretty easy. At the very least you get filter out some of the blues. 

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29 minutes ago, nevets9333 said:

I have seen few lens. Is there much difference between the Coral Colour, IceCap, Polyplab or Orphek lens?

I don't think so. Although if you're using Coral Colour, you'll have to trim the edges of the slot (the part that is supposed to go over your camera) and make it wider, or else you will get black 'fringes' at the edges of pics. I took my lens to my LFS and asked the manager for help - he trimmed the edges for me and widened it to an almost rectangular shape (it was a tri-circular shape arranged in a row otherwise). The issue with some lens filters is that their built for iPhones or smartphones with cameras at the upper corner of the phone. The S9's camera is located slightly lower and in the middle at the back of the phone. 


If you have a chance of testing out the lenses first before buying them, try it out and see if the slot can 'fit' over your camera first. Otherwise you will have to manually adjust it (just widen the slot at the edges with a sharp razor blade - be gentle though - too much 'trimming' and you'll break the plastic). 

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