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My first reef 29 gallon tank journal

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ok so here we go I finally got my tank wet and I have and aqua scape I like. Idk how I’m going to mount my AI hydra 26 because a lot of people say bad things about the mounts made by angus illumination. Any help would be appreciated. Also I don’t know what kind of livestock I want, part of me is saying just get some beginner stuff like clowns and a royal gramma or something and the other part of me says get something cool like a Toby puffer or pipefish. I would like some suggestions on interesting live stock. Here is the equipment 


tank- aqueon 29 gallon tank


in the tank

- 20 lbs. Carib sea Bimini pink live sand 

- 25 lbs. reef saver dry rock 


heater- ehim jager 100 wat 

powerhead- hydor koralia 600 gph 

filter- aquaear 30 in case I want to run carbon


live stock


fish- hopefully an oddball 


coral- I really want a big monti cap and idk what else


inverts- nasurios snails, astrea snails, trouchus snails, some hermits


i don’t know how to upload pictures, I’m bad at this. 

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