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40 breeder low maintenance

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Alright! So here is my tank journal...

My goal was to make an easy maintenance reef tank, with a budget friendly equipment list. I decided to purposely go with a light that only can support good growth in a 24" width... thus limiting the money i can spend on corals! Hopefully this holds true ..



-Sbreef 165w retrofit kit on a marsaqua blackbox. 

-10 gallon sump

- old heater ( been supporting my 40 breeder fw setups for 30 years!

250gph return pump.


For livestock list, in order of purchase:

1. Yellow watchman goby pistol shrimp pair.

2. Clean up crew, including a starfish.

3. ocellaris or percula clownfish pair

4. Flame angel

5. A small group of green chromis or small grouping fish.

Corals: i prefer a few large colonies over " collectoritis" so ill stick with a smaller list ofstrains:


-orange zoa

- green zoa

- yellow zoa 

-rainbow acan

-leather finger coral

- couple mushrooms 


- and yes i will try1 or 2 sps



Here are a few pics of my setupand diy work! One is my 2×4 stand, my diy light hanging mount, my messy living room,  and first attempt at an aquascape.


My next step is to fine tune my aquascape, i come from planted aquariums... not so good at rock hardscapes only.. definitely looking for inspiration and rock sources! I like a aquascape of dueling islands or maybe one island crescent shape.


Bought some ecofriendly caribsea building rock... i may try to buy more if i cant find a better solution







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Looks good.


Caribsea has liferock too which has some really cool shapes for aquascaping.

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Yes thanks. I am still having a hard time figuring out my sump media. I only have a 10g sump and had lots of mechanical filtration sponges. Now though im thinking ill buy a used skimmer SCA-301 to replace those sponges and pads

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Alright here is the aquascape right now.. id definitely like some criticism so blast away! Its hard to aquascape withthe 1 piece of shelf i bought, i also bought 2 more of the life rock shapes 

.. i didnt think id like them but theyre pretty awesome 

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I got 2 morelife rocks and made this aquascape... im not sure about it still, what do you guys think?


Using the shelf rock is hard, i need some critiquing from experts! 


Theres about 4" gap from all side panes of glass


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