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Coral Dipping and Acclimation

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Interested in knowing what type of coral dip(s) and how most folks acclimate (i.e. steps, amount of time, etc) their corals.

I'm a reef tank newbie and have seen different recommendations, especially with regards to type of coral dip (Coral Rx, Lugol's, Bayer Insecticide, etc). I've been told Coral Rx is harsher than some other types....but would like to know if anyone else shares the same opinion. Thanks! 

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I've used Coral Defense. Coral rx is another commonly used one or Bayer.


I just temp acclimate by floating the bags for about 20-30 mins, then I dip the coral according to product instructions(usually 5 mins), rinse in sw and place in tank.


If corals are shipped, each company that ships them offers their acclimation process, so I follow that but i buy most in store.

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From my experience I dip with coral rx. Rinse with saltwater then just dunk em in. I dont acclimate corals or fish Lol. 

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Seachem Reef dip and Rx (mostly Rx). Cut frag plugs and replace with new. Spot treat with peroxide (after reg. dip) if plugs can not be removed and it shows signs of algae. Those frags go to my “dump”/frag tank for observation. 

Visually inspect new frags, use soft toothbrush on certain corals (zoas for example) to gently brush off questionable suspect (eggs etc). Inspect plating/encrusting coral for vermetid snail, crush with pliers and super glue over if needed. You can also dip in fresh RO water (temp. matched) for several minutes. Works on some pests. 

At the end, dipping prevents most issues but there are no guarantees and at some point something will sneak through. It’s important to adress those issue early on before it gets out of hand. 

Good luck. 

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For me, it usually goes:

  1. Float bag for temperature acclimation
  2. Cut coral off of existing frag plug (if applicable)
  3. Dip separately in both Revive and Bayer for 10 minutes at a time while using a turkey baster to try and remove any pests 
  4. Dip in 2 separate containers of tank water for roughly 10 minutes to remove any excess Revive or Bayers
  5. Remount on new frag plug
  6. Place on frag rack in tank for observation

I usually keep all frag plugs I get corals on and bleach them to be reused later. 

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