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Copper Safe!


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I have parasites on my fish and I just put the stuff called copper safe that treats all parasite infections in my main tank. Yes, it has copper in it, and I was wondering if that is bad for my tank! I will mention my whole setup. It is, 29 gallon,30 lb of LS, 20 LB Fiji LR,2 HOB Filter withno cartridge only some pillow stuffing in them both 125 penguins, 600 powerhead, Power Skimmer 2 by coral life, one 15k pc, 100 watt heater, Feather Duster,Cleaner Shrimp,6 crabs,tomatoe clown and a damsel. Thats everthing, please let me know if I need any adjustments please, I am a newbie, I am only 17 and have spent all my money! Please helpOh and let me know If i need anything else or if i am doing something wrong.



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copper will kill inverts, i would suggest getting them out pronto. You should have treated the fish in a separate tank, or done dips. The copper will be absorbed into your rocks, it will leach back into the water over time and you will have a very hard time clearing the tank of it.

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As a rule, nothing with copper in it (or even in its name) should go anywhere near a reef tank. Copper is poison to inverts (that's how it kills parasites). Not only will it kill inverts you bought, it will also kill beneficial bacteria that filter the water.

Sucks, but it looks like its gonna be a costly mistake.

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Do several very large water changes and add a bunch of carbon in bags to help filter the water. If I am not mistaken, coppersafe can be removed with carbon, unlike many other of the copper meds. Keep changing carbon. The carbon will soak up the copper and will allow it to leach back into the tank if the carbon is not removed. Also, I would consider dumping your substrate and giving your rocks a good rinse with saltwater to remove any residual copper. Just suggestions. That sucks but everyone has made at least one costly mistake when they are just beginning.


Oh yeah, one other thing. If you know someone with a reef tank, see if they wont allow you to put your fish and corals into their tank. Acclimate the corals and fish outside of their tank, give them a good rinse, and then place them in your friends tank. Make sure you dont add any of your water to their tank. You may be able to salvage your livestock. Keep us posted! Good luck!

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Originally posted by ProReefer

Well, So far my inverts died! ahhh!

Well at least your fish don't have parasites anymore.


If I were you, I'd set up a new tank and use the current one as a quarantine tank for fish. Its good to have one anyway.

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