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Wanting to start my own nano


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As the Title says I want to start my own nano tank but I have no clue where to start. I have a fresh water tropical tank and 3 axolotl tanks. I have plenty of spare tanks and am looking for something new. 

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7 minutes ago, WV Reefer said:

Welcome to NR! 😀


I would go in the Beginners Thread and start reading everything. 


And some of the new articles if you choose to do a biotope or pico jar instead of  a classic nano reef

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What do you want to ultimately keep?  

Once you have that figured out, you'll need to find a good light, water source and salt, and power heads and rock at a minimum.  (Assuming you have a heater already.)

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You'll want to do tons and tons and tons of research, and when you think you've researched everything you could, research some more.  There's always more to be learned in this hobby.  I would plan to research at least for a couple of months before getting started (I spent 6 months at it before beginning a saltwater tank).  The beginner section and the articles are a good starting point.  Saltwater is immensely different in a lot of ways than fresh so there's a pretty steep learning curve, but it's an enjoyable challenge and totally worth it.

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