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I mistakenly bought a Skilter when I first set up my Nano.It was a blessing in disguise,the Skilter makes a great HOB fuge( remove the guts).I bought a combo package of Caulerpa,Chaetomorpha,live sand with pods,etc. from a fellow selling it in the classifieds here.Aquired a handful of live rock rubble from my local fish store.Put it all in and added a clip on light.It has worked just great for 5 months now.Prior to that,I spent time(and still do) looking for a HOB fuge.I have severe space limitations and I have not found anything except http://www.marinedepot.com/a_mi_cpr_af.asp?ast=&key=

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if you look in the diy section, many people have converted aquaclear 500 or 300 into fuges. basically put a divider into the hob add sand, lr and macro algae. how hard can that be? can start by looking at the thread tagged in my sig.

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