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Purple hammer questions

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Ok so I’ve had this purple hammer coral for maybe a month now maybe little longer and when I first got it it was nice and bushy about a week later it broke off it’s plug fell in the sand many times etc I had it on the rockwork till about a week ago I glued it back to its plug and placed it in the front of the tank in the sandbed now it’s tripled in size and possible split?CA685D2A-22A9-484F-B493-12A5FC58DB5F.thumb.jpeg.f26fa8b0b164c497e6ddce5763eca9b1.jpeg9EC895F5-B76E-45B2-909B-B492FB2BBFB2.thumb.jpeg.805950719694b36ba93208880eb40ac0.jpegF826EB31-9D5E-4443-A594-358E15698AFE.thumb.jpeg.813b8928ed6448345f21a77dfcab6d57.jpegthis is the pic of when I first put it in sandbed C7A15BB0-EEC9-433A-9D95-70DFF41B6CB0.thumb.jpeg.80c39a336bbe371be598426220ea74c6.jpeg


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Looks nice.  Yeah, likely two branches.  Should be able to be fragged in two if you wanted to.

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