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mixing goby species?


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What gobies can be mixed with a Yellow Watchman Goby in a 65g tank? I know that shrimp gobies may fight amongst each other, but is this a big enough tank to avoid this? If not, what gobies can be mixed in this size tank?

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Hey Dude,


Since nobody more knowledgeable that me has responded to your query, I wll tell you what I have read. I read that one may keep gobies of different genera together but that it is a problem to keep different genera together in close quarters. Bear in mind that I have never done this, just what I read.

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If you type "mixing gobies" in search. you will not have to wait for the same people to respond and they won't flame you for asking question that repeatedly gets asked.:) Search is a great resource tool!

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I have not spent much time researching the topic, bu ti can offer what I have in my tank. Keep in mind this is a 90 gallon, so everyone has tons and tons of room to make their own.


I have

one pair of yellow watchman gobies

a purple firefish

a red headed goby

a black neon goby

an eviota goby

a green banded goby

a small algae blenny

another red eviota of some sort (I was told at the lfs)


The watchmen keep to themselves, alhtough they are larger and act more boisterous, although definitely noit aggressive. They seem to know that they are the big gobies on the block and kind of march around. The purple firefish keeps to himself as well. And the rest of the little guys scamper back and forth, usually in the same area.


I also have two chromis, which don't both the gobies but are very active in the upper are of the water column. And i have a pipefish, and he and the gobies seem to ignore one another.


The only fighting that goes on is instigated form the peppermint shrimp - they seem to pick on everyone. Not sure if they are really mean or just bossy.


At one point, I did have two high fin shrimp gobies, but this was at a time when I had more aggressive and large fish. Eventually, they perished as it seemed that they weren't getting any food. i tried catching them to remove but could not. So if you have any tangs in the 65 or angels, I would be careful to ensure the gobies get enough to eat.


What gobies are looking to purchase? My lfs has the same supplier as live aquaria - they have a really nice selection.



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Thanks guys. I did search, and pulled only 10 posts total, about 3 or 4 of which were useful. Dosn't hurt to have a little extra info. I also decided to post because a large amount of th e info here is towards nanos, and this tank is slighlty bigger then a nano ;)

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