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rubber gloves


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hey. for those of you who wear rubber gloves (yellow or black ones) when messing with stuff inside your tank, is the powder on the gloves safe or do i need to wash the gloves first? what is that powder stuff anyways?

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I brought pute rubber gloves that go up to ur elbow from chinatown for $5.00 and it has powder in it, i think its starch. The rubber gloves i got are a good deal, their thick and durable.

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the powder is used to keep the gloves dry when packaged and for ease of putting them on. The dishwashing gloves only have powder on the inside. I just rinsed the outside of my gloves and my tank seems to be doing fine. Just make sure no1 grabs your gloves and uses them for dishes, u dont want the oils and detergent in your tank

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I just got some thick latex cleaning gloves, they did have the white powder on them but i rinse that of.


I just wash then after use and they are not hard to get on the next time without the powder.

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