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how do i get started


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well im new to the nano reef worls and i was wonder what the most important first steps top setting up a 12g nano....

i am going to order the tank out of dr foster and smith's magizine and was wondering what other equipoment i would need for the set up

i also understand what is nessecary for the cycle process to finish but i dont know what is necessary to messure the nitrate and nitrite etc... ie. testing kits etc.... where would i get this equipment and how necessary is it to be sure about the specifics of the cycle process (can i eyeball the end of the cycle process or check visually if it is ok to end the cycle process and add fish inverts corals etc) talk to me people i rarely get enough responses directly but i do know that this is very cool site




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I'd also like to hear responses to this post. I have had a 55 gallon marine tank for awhile and am interested in getting a nano reef. Is the JBJ nano cube the way to go? Is it worth waiting for deluxe version with 48 watts?


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i think balla is right. any of those cubes you are going to retro the lights anyway so you just as well start from scratch. the 10g is an excellent starter cause they are so darn cheap and easy to work on.


what you need to start,



HIGH grade live rock



sand (you can go bare bottom if you want)

hang on back filter (small one)

ammonia/nitrite/nitrate test kit

salinity tester


power strip for all the plugs

GFCI plug so you dont burn down your house.

last but not least...lights


the lights are the toughest decision and usually the most expensive. BUT! you really can have the minimum lights for at least the first two months. that is the time when your tank is cycling and becoming stable. its only when you start to stock corals you have to worry about GOOD lighting. in the meantime any 10 dollar home depot shop light will do. thsi gives you time to decide what lighting you want.




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lighting is highly dependent on what you will eventually want to keep. the 96W quad from hellolights seems to be a popular recomendation. but you should do a lot more research before actually purchasing anything else. for an introduction on lights read this link. also go to the beginner section, you'll get better detailed answers and less likely to be flammed.

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The cora-life 96W quad is an great lighting choice. It will allow you to keep just about anything, and it has built in fans that will keep your temp under control (this becomes a huge issue with a nano) There is a seller on Ebay who is offering them for 90 dollars (115 shipped) check it out, that's a great deal.

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