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Can Someone Help With My Sony


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So I’ve got a Sony a6300 with the stock 16-50mm (I believe) lens.  I use it primarily for outdoor photography such as traveling, and just haven’t had luck with my reef though.  I understand how to use it it manual mode pretty well, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO, but not really white balance.  The camera has an “underwater” white balance mode which seems to make things look a little better, so I use that.

What I see most frequently is that my pictures come out too dark, or the lighting is just odd, as in parts of my rock as white and parts of my rock are blue.  I run 2 AI Primes and a Maxspect Ethereal, and almost always shut off my pumps for pictures.  Should I buy something like an 85b filter?  It’s diffulcult to find because my lens is a 40.5mm thread I believe.  

Does anyone know if I can purchase a sheet of this film/filter and just cut some myself and DIY into the camera?  


After about 200 shots, here’s 4 that came out decent 🙂





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