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3.6 gallon pico

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Tanks been doing well! At this point I’m kinda letting corals grow out while adding some inverts slowly. Only corals I’m still looking for are some higher end zoas that would make the tank pop, mostly reds, oranges and yellows. I added a female peacock tail anemone shrimp for $12 and two more blue legs so far for inverts. For coral I’ve added two more zoas and an Aussie gold hammer that I’m able to get for wholesale price ($20). I’m watching the size of things and once some of the larger corals outgrow the tank I will sell and replace them. I’ll have pictures up tomorrow

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2 minutes ago, NuisanceAlgaeCultivator said:

That shrimp is pretty spiffy

Oh yeah for sure man! I got her at a steal and I’m hoping the eggs hatch 

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Here’s a little update on my pico: Both hammers are doing great and I’m seeing growth from almost everything in the tank! Three zoas are popping off heads like crazy and some cyphastrea fragments are slowly but steadily encrusting the rock in the lower portions of the tank. My red acan has four heads that are finally peeking out from under the three main heads and my pink and green acan is finally showing another head! I’ve had a few questions about water changes recently and I will admit, I have only done two in the 2 months that this tank has been running. Parameters are stable and the corals are soaking up the nutrients. One big factor of this is the fact that I have no fish and I rarely feed the inverts in here and another is that the lid prevents a high rate of evaporation. I got a nice little green finger leather frag from a friend who’s nem was on the move and the frag was in the way so I got it for free. For now it’s in the center of the tank but once it opens up I’ll probably frag it and only keep a small peice and sell the rest so it doesn’t take over.  



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