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Star Polyps?


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I have been looking for a new addition to my tank and I have found it, but I need to find out what its needs are before I find and buy one, and add it to my tank.


My new addition desire is to get some kind of Star Polyp for my tank.


I know all people have different opinions about caring for these polyps, but I have no Idea, so any opinion is a helpful one for me.


I just need to know what star polyps eat, what kind of lighting and in general how easy they are to care for. also the easiest type to care for(green star,ect.)

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Thank you dave, this helps alot and gives me new ideas for corals!


I was alos wondering if anyone has Star polyps in their tank and their take on if they like them or not?

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I have two different star polyps in my tank. One group is doing very well (but not exactly thriving), while the other group had a "hanging in there" look that seems to be getting better each day.


I like the unique color/shape of these corals, and am happy with them. Mine are placed high in the tank and near a powerhead. I think this is the optimum conditions for these, although I have heard some sources say they are more tolerant of lower light and water flow.

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star polyps are great beginners corals. they will take a while to adjust to a tank, but within 1 week they should be out and flowing with the current. they're a truly a beautiful site to behold when you have a large colony swaying in the water :)

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