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Unusual Behaviour - Pls Answer


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I just got a false clownfish yesterday and its acting very strangely, there was a bit of nitrite or nitrate (whatever the last stage is) left but it was a smidgen over 0. Any way its staying in the one corner the entire time and its going up and down the glass like side to side really fast.. it keeps darting around it and wont stop, even when the lights went off its all it did... IS THIS NORMAL? The temp is 79 F salinity is... 8.1ph and i sat it in the water in its bag for about 10-15 mins then i put a bit of my water in its bag then i let it in. It was fine for a while then it just started to dart aroundin the same corner .. and it has been ever since, is this normal! I need to know. I checked the ammonia and nitrite and nitrate they were all 0 except that last one which was like 0.2 or somethin lol , but it shouldn't make it have odd behaviour should it? PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!

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Its normal. They swim goofy. And the clown hasn't had time to get used to to his new place. You'd be acting a little funny too, if you were suddenly relocated :D. So he will be shy for a while. Get another compatable fish in your tank and the clown's behavior will change dramatically.


Since you just got your clown, read up on on Clownfish disease (Brooklynella hostilis). It seems like a lot of it is going around. Watch for patches of white slime. If you see it, you need to get your fish into a small hospital tank and treat it immediately with one of the formalyn meds. Even so, survival rate is low. Hopefully this won't happen to you. It has happened to me on two seperate occasions on clowns from 2 diff local fish stores.


G'luck :)

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