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Hammer torch questions

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I picked up this hammer torch about 2 weeks ago. And I was wondering does the torchs tenticals only come out of the pick part that’s attached to the skeleton?  

Does this torch look like it’s doing good out as much as it should be I don’t know much about them but to me it looks like a small peace and needs time to stretch out 

I fed it for the first time today some fish food pellets it ate a big hunk maybe that will help it expand out more in the next few days just worrying about it.  My frogspawn seems to be doing well 

it comes out just a hair more but u did a big regranting yesterday and a big water change about 2 hours ago 50% trying to replace all the tap in the tank with RODI DA6900C2-993D-466B-84BC-33470758C1E2.thumb.jpeg.f1949ffaa02a13b72265d54b964d1d40.jpeg

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