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Sump Style refugium for AIO ideas

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I'm expecting a Waterbox 20 cube AIO this week. I'll be upgrading from a 10g with an Aquaclear 70 refugium mod (copied Inappropriate Reefer's budget 10g build series to the T). I wanted to run a refugium in the next tank with some cheato and pods, but space is tight in the AIO, so I'm considering having a "sump" style refugium in the stand made from a POS 10g I have laying around.


Before I actually get to drawing something out and planning, does anyone see any inherent issues with this plan? I know I'd have to get a second pump to move water from the display to the fuge, and as of right now, I'm thinking of doing something along the lines of a HOB overflow going into the "sump" section of the display. Drilling is no go for me, so if there's some Achilles heel in this I'd conform to growing some chaeto in a chamber of the AIO.

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I have a similar plan in mind with a Waterbox 15 AIO and sump/refugium.  Still planning but aside from the inherant issues with HOB overflows I haven’t found an issue with it.  The risks with HOB overflows seem to be minimal if set up properly however so I’m leaning towards that instead of drilling in case I ever wanted to use the AIO as intended in the future.


Not sure if you’ve completed your build already or not but I’d be interested in what you decided on.  

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