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Filter Media????


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I wanted to no will it be ok to setup my fluval 13.5 evo with the stock filtration and then switch to the in tank media basket down the road?? Also what do you guys recommend that I should use in the in tank media basket??? thank you!!

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Generally, yes you can use the stock filters until you upgrade.  However, I would probably remove any biological media.  Also, people often remove foam filters.  Foam needs to be kept clean, which is why many people prefer using disposable filter floss instead.


As far as media for an inTank basket, I'd use their filter floss and a bag of decent activated carbon (like Seachem Matrix Carbon).  You can add a little Seachem Phosguard to it if you need help controlling phosphate.

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I like to use filter floss(not pillow stuffing but the sheet floss), purigen, and Kent carbon.


I like Kent carbon as it has next to no dust.


Phosguard I use as needed. 

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