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Acropora. cant tell the specific type of acro because of the high atinics but i think it looks like a garf bonsai? Care level: Difficult, needs extremely stable paramaters, high light and high flow. I would start my sps journey with something a little easier like a montipora, seriatapora, or pocilapora.  

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It's an acropora, and outside of a few specific species most require the same general approach... Good light, flow, water.. 


People like to say certain corals are more difficult but if your tanks cycled. It's ready. It's not acros are more difficult, they want the same thing most corals do, just some corals are more tolerant of screw ups and/or lack of maintaince/husbandry. But in the end if a mont will survive an acro should as well. Providing you don't neglect your tank and are serious about the hobby.  


Long story short, give it a good amount of flow and light. Make sure your parameters are in line and it should do well. Fresh cut frags can be picky but that's nice and encrusted. 

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SPS is definitely pretty intolerant of #### ups.  I tried to do a mini fuge on the back of my tank but something was causing all the plants I tried to grow to just slowly disintegrate and decay, which built my nutrients up like crazy.  I didn't put 2 and 2 together at first and my acro's are still slowly dying even though I've stabled my tank back out.  


My stylophora is growing like a ####ing weed though.  Same with my monit's and all my LPS.  

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