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Six line wrasse lips swollen and blotchy


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Hey everybody. Woke up yesterday and my sixline wrasse lips were all swollen and blotchy.  Last night he was very agitated and would not stop. He wouldn't do his happy dance twitch and pop when I stood by glass. I tried to get pictures but he never stopped. 


Catching him will be near impossible. No one else seems affected. Anybody experience this?

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Yep, and there's not much you can do unless you can isolate the fish to a QT tank. If you can manage to do that, you can keep the fish warm and observe it for signs of infection. It's very common to see a wrasse get into a fight with other fish in the tank. If you leave the fish in your main display tank, you run the risk of not being able to treat the wrasse for bacterial infections, or worse allow the wrasse to be damaged further by whatever else it's fighting with.

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He's been hiding in the rock work for about four days. Smoked him out once and he never stopped running back and forth through the rocks. I managed to get a look before work and I can see white on his mouth. No idea if it's better or worse. If he's eating is without coming out. I don't think he is. Makes me sad. Had him for about four years I think. He does this weird twitchy dance when he sees me and only me. Started adding backward flips to it a couple of weeks ago. :tears:

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