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Something off in aquascape

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On 10/27/2018 at 6:43 PM, Tamberav said:

I'm not sure where you live but some of Natures Image fake corals are pretty nice. Some are crap too... so need to pick through them.







Here is some super cringey ones 😜




wow! exept for the last two, those are the nicest fake coral ive ever seen!

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On ‎10‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 1:39 PM, liquid_wind said:

I have a 20 gallon high with about 20 lbs of rock I scaped into an arch that I was loving while I was making it. However, once I put it in the tank and staged a few "corals" (I wish I cold get real, but they are illegal) I wasn't loving it. It's ok, but not loving. I was wondering if anyone that has a better eye had anything to say? I have my instinct on what to do, but wanted to get some unbiased opinions before I do anything. 


Any advice appreciated!


Back on your original topic, I think it would improve the scape a ton if you just move the arch to the left side of the tank and put the smaller piece of rock in front on the right side

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Osmium: I agree partially. If it was just rock, then for sure, but I then ran into the issue of where to fit the "Montipora," which will likely be the only large piece in the tank.

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