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Unusual rotifer culturing idea


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Hello all! I was thinking of setting up a 2 gallon jar with a mangrove and macroalgae in it. My question is...could I also culture rotifers in it? I was going to feed it phytoplankton once or twice a day and do WC's each day or every other day. It was also going to have two air lines to maintain good circulation. Thanks!

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You can, but the real question is, should you do it that way? Or do you do your cultures where you have more control over their environment...


Rotifers are easy to culture. Generally, people use clean containers with rigid tubing and air pumps to culture their roti cultures. You can feed them with live phytoplankton or preserved phyto like phyto feast. Check youtube for ideas. 


Or, if you're lazy like me, you can buy Fritz Rotiplex live rotifers and phyto feast phytoplankton blend for feeding your tank. 

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