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Feeding LPS corals?


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Hi all! I am planning to get a Favia coral and a Caulastrea coral (war coral and trumpet coral respectively). How do I go about feeding these? Would brine shrimp or mysis shrimp work like it would for the sun corals I am getting next month, or do they need smaller foods? Thanks 🙂

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OK! Thanks. With the ABI tuna blue PAR38 23 watt bulb I will be using, will I have any risk of frying these corals? They were both going to be in the bottom half of the tank

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Start them out on the substrate at the bottom, then gradually move them higher up where you want them to go. I target feed my corals reef roids twice a week but i've also been working on raising the copepod population of my tank, so the tank also gets a small amount of rotifers and phytoplankton as pod food. The corals will also take advantage of eating the phyto, rotifers and pods. 

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I like to use reef roids or aquaforest lps powder foods.


I broadcast a pinch of one of these and cyclops which feeds anything that catches it.


For my brains and plates I target feed mysis or lps pellets.


Favia normally have their feeders out at night so I try to broadcast feed the tank they're in at night. 



Definitely place favia on the bottom first as they don't like high light and easily get burned so  give it a chance to acclimate to your lighting.


If you see it retracted/not puffy, it can be a sign of too much light.

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