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AC500 Mod question (not the usual questions)


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Hi everyone, I was reading through all the AC500 or Aquaclear 500 mod threads and it seems everyone is doing the shaving down impeller mod, drill holes mod... etc.


My friend had an old AC500 that he is not using currently and I tested it on a bucket of fresh water and it seems that all I have to do is to lift up the intake tube and I can literally stop all flow, and with minor adjustments I can slow the flow to a drip.


Now this might be a real obvious and stupid question, but why are people doing all these complicated mods when they can just lift up the intake tube a bit and get perfect flow?


Im sure Im not the most innovative guy on the board, there must me a reason why people are not using ONLY that mod to restrict flow, can anyone enlighten me and tell me why or if it will work?



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i think the reason they arent doing what you say is the impeller will still push the same amount of water around in the fuge when the idea is to slow the water movement through the fuge. the only thing that does is to reduce the amount of water taken in and put out of the fuge.

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