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great moonlight!


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Hey, I was at Target the other day and came across these blue LED dashboard "mood" lights. They look like little 1.5" light sabers mounted on ball and socket joints. They cost $10, so I bought them. They have adhesive on the bottom of the mounts that securely stuck to the inside of my hood. The cool thing is they have these joints, so they can be turned to point in ANY direction. I then wired the to a power adapter with my 12v fan and fired them up. They are awesome! Here is a picture of both of them pointing down towards the middle of the tank. I decided this was too bright so I have them pointed up and hitting my reflector instead of straight down. I would post a picture of what it looks like now along with the actual lights, but I had to return my borrowed digi cam.


here it is... sorry for the blurry pic (shaky hands).

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Looks good. I agree that it is too bright. From diving in the ocean at night I can assure you that it is extreemly dim. People that have very bright moonlights are probably doing more harm than good (JMO). Get a pic of them shining into your reflector. Is it the ones that have 3 at target? I have never seen the 2 light ones. Anyways great job.


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